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Dec 1


6:30 PM–8:00 PM


POSTPONED: Filling out a Writer\'s Life: La Vie derrière soi

6:30 PM–8:00 PM    East Gallery, Maison Francaise, Buell Hall


POSTPONED: Filling out a Writer's Life: La Vie derrière soi

A Talk by Antoine Compagnon

This event is postponed in response to the request of the organizers of the Student Workers of Columbia who are on strike. We will give further information when we have a new date.


Literature is deeply connected with reflections about death, mourning and melancholy. From Montaigne to Roland Barthes, this is a common thread. Yet, the late works of writers have aroused less interest than the evolving styles of aging painters or musicians, more affected by the failures of the body, hand, eye or ear.

Professor Antoine Compagnon recently published a new book devoted to the “ends” of literature: when to stop writing? How to say goodbye to literature? How and when to take the exit? In La vie RSVP soi: Fins de la littérature, Professor Compagnon asks these questions by examining the works of the authors who have always accompanied him, Montaigne, Baudelaire, Proust, as well as Colette and Roland Barthes. In doing so, he offers a meditation on the notions of ending and aging, and reflects on the sublime, the ultima verba, the swan song, the second chance, and the eternal poet.

This lecture will be open to members of the Columbia community only (with a valid CUID and a green pass from ReOpen CU App). RSVP here. It will also be livestreamed on Facebook Live.

POSTPONED: Filling out a Writer\'s Life: La Vie derrière soi